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Lab/Border Collie mix
Came into Second Chance:
July 2021

Mindy is a beautiful, 2 year old, female Black Lab/Border Collie mix with a heart of gold! We rescued Mindy from the Devore Shelter as she was euthanasia listed due to lack of space.

Mindy has the sweetest spirit ever! She loves everyone she’s ever met. She’s fantastic with other dogs! She’s affectionate and eager to please.

Mindy appears as if she’s had at least one litter. According to our veterinarian, she has an old injury on her back left leg. There appears to have been some trauma to her ankle which was never treated. She’s completely mobile and loves to do the zoomies. Occasionally she will lift her foot up or limp slightly. We have her on a collagen supplement and an anti-inflammatory which she is handling beautifully.

It’s hard to believe this sweet girl was almost euthanized before she ever had a chance to find a loving home. You can’t help but fall in love with Mindy!

Came into Second Chance at Love: July 2021.

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