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Dogs with Other Rescues

These are dogs with other rescues, fosters or homes, who are looking for their forever home. If you are interested in one of these dogs please contact the person listed in their details or email us at



Calvin is a male 85lb Blackmouth Cur he is 7 years old.


He does not get along with large male dogs but seems fine with everybody else except for yard lizards! He has a bark that can be heard a 1/4 mile away and greets everyone with it unless he can personally identify them. He is completely housebroken and responds to all the typical commands, sit, down, bed, off etc.


He is very affectionate to his people and greets then with serious tail wagging and kisses. His owner is very ill and will not be able to care for him in the future.


Please contact John Dwyer for more information about Calvin.



These 8 x 6 week old 75% Armenian Gampr puppies are looking for good/solid homes ( preferably ranch homes) as they are primarily Livestock Guardian Dogs and good protectors of people too. They are not quite 1 month old and will be 5 weeks old on Feb 28th and ready for rehoming on March 7, 2023.


If you are interested in more information about any of these puppies call 805-459-5562 and ask for Karen. The puppies are in Parkfield but we take them into Paso Robles, California. There are 4 boys and 4 girls - the last photo is their mother. She is 100% Gampr and her DNA EMBARK REPORT ON BREED & HEALTH/VET report can be viewed.



Tommy is a sweet boy who is doing well in his foster home. He is an easy dog. If he’s not hiking/walking or going somewhere he likes sleeping in his kennel.

He is looking for his forever home and would make a great companion.


He has partial site in one eye and is mostly deaf, he’s no pinball wizard but reminds his foster parents of The Who song. He is not aware of his disabilities, he loves to go on walks, including pack walks with the neighbor dogs. He also enjoys hiking and trail runs up to 5 miles and could most likely go further. He is very agile and in good shape.

He is house trained, uses the dog door, is quiet (never have heard him bark but seems to hear his foster sister bark), loves sleeping and hanging out in his crate and with his people. He rides well in the car and is not destructive in the car or the home. He gets along with his foster sister but is not dependent on her and is not interested in playing with her.

He would do well as an only dog but would be fine with another dog who just wants to hang out. He is learning sit and likes to give you his paw for a treat. He is available through Animal Services in San Luis Obispo. Please email Barbara at if you would like to meet Tommy.


If you have room in your home and your heart please come meet me.  You can contact my foster mom at 805-772-3374 or call SLO County Animal Services.  

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