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Rosie and Baby
Pit Bull mixes
Came into Second Chance:
August 2020

Our dear friend and local attorney David Hurst is fighting cancer. David has done so much for so many. He’s a huge animal lover, and has adopted multiple dogs from the pound his entire life. A couple of years ago, David was part of a team who showed up voluntarily to help our shelter, Second Chance At Love Humane Society, dig its way out of mud from a serious storm. At that time he spotted Rosie - on the left in the photo. Two years earlier, I had pulled Rosie from a small, destitute rescue to participate in a TV show I did with Cesar Milan. The shelter was very poor. Rosie’s enclosure was under a porch surrounded by chicken wire. While we were filming the show in Spain, Rosie lived with me along with several other dogs for three months. Before the show ended, Rosie was adopted to an English woman. A few years later, the woman was no longer able to care for Rosie. Rosie’s future was to be returned to the poor rescue in England. Second Chance at Love raised enough money to fly Rosie to LAX. Rosie had been with us for two whole years before David saw her and fell in love. He adopted her and brought her in to live with his pack of four other dogs. Fast forward two years, and David is fighting for his life. David is no longer able to care for his dogs.

On August 1, I picked up Rosie and her very best friend Baby, and brought them back to Second Chance at Love. We are absolutely determined and committed to finding both of these amazing dogs their forever homes. Rosie is now a senior although she is extremely healthy. She does have a couple of masses on her body that will be checked out this week, and removed. Baby is very overweight and has some skin issues. Both girls have an appointment with our vet and are scheduled to be groomed this week. Please help us find a soft landing place for these two sweethearts. Both of these dogs started as abandoned dogs at the pound. They’ve been shuffled around so much but still have the most amazing spirits. You can see the light in each of them. They bear no grudges. They just want to be loved. We would give anything to place them together, but we won’t hold up the adoption of either one of them if we can’t make this happen. Please consider bringing one or both of these sweethearts into your home. If you can’t adopt, please donate to their care. Their medical expenses will be significant. We will be forever grateful. Thank you. You can make a donation at our GoFundMe page:

Came back into Second Chance at Love: August 2020.

Rosie and Baby
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