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Sanctuary dogs

In addition to finding forever homes for homeless dogs, we also provide a sanctuary where dogs that have not been able to find a home can be cared for.

Sanctuary Dogs are generally not available for adoption. Most dogs considered to be Sanctuary Dogs are considered un-adoptable either because of an irresolvable behavior issue, illness, or disability. Sanctuary dogs will live out their lives at the Second Chance Ranch, and will be given the best of care and attention by the staff and volunteers at Second Chance at Love Humane Society. 

We rely on donations from our supporters to care for these sanctuary dogs. In many cases, these dogs require more care than the general population, and thus, more financial support. Eventually, sanctuary dogs become senior dogs that develop age related health issues. We are committed to providing sanctuary dogs with the same level of care that we give our own dogs that are fortunate enough to have found loving, forever homes.

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