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Jan 2022

Sweet nature

In training

Are you in search of the perfect companion who adores both dogs and people like no other? Look no further than Meringue!

This stunning beauty is only two years old and was one of the six dogs we rescued from the SEAACA shelter last month. Meringue has completely won us over with her charming personality since her arrival. There's absolutely nothing not to love about her!

Meringue walks alongside my pack flawlessly, and her interactions with everyone are both enthusiastic and sweet. Despite being a Husky, she has a gorgeous coat that sheds very little, which is quite unusual.

If you enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or biking, Meringue would make an excellent companion. She loves to be active, but she also knows how to unwind and relax. At night, she settles beautifully in her crate.

Don't hesitate if Meringue has captured your heart. She's a true gem and is bound to find a forever home quickly. Grab this opportunity to adopt a doll like her!

If you are interested in more information about Meringue please contact

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