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Jan 2022

Friendly, playful

In Training

Jupiter is a remarkable young female Husky who was rescued from the SEAACA shelter when she was euthanasia listed. During her time there, she was housed with two other female dogs, indicating her sociability with other canines.

Jupiter has an innate ability to befriend any dog she encounters, making her a true companion to her fellow canines. Whether placed in an off-leash social setting or any other interaction, she effortlessly brings out their playful nature, making her loved by all.

If Jupiter were a human, she would undoubtedly be the most popular girl in class. She adores engaging in play and has a unique way of "talking" in her Husky language, though not excessively.

Beyond her playful disposition, Jupiter showcases her athleticism, making her an excellent companion for hiking or biking adventures. However, she also possesses a laid-back side and thoroughly enjoys moments of relaxation.

Don't miss the chance to meet Jupiter! You’ll fall in love!

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